Elderly Woman Killed In San Bernardino Accident on Interstate 10

California Highway Patrol Officers responded to a fatal accident that took place just after midnight Sunday morning. The crash occurred on the westbound lanes of Interstate 10 just west of Mountain View Avenue. According to officials, a 2003 Oldsmobile Alero was driving in the fast lane when it suddenly became disabled. A Toyota Camry soon crashed into the back of the disabled vehicle around 12:43 a.m.

The driver of the Camry was identified as 67-year-old Montebello resident Satoru Yamaguchi. Her 72-year-old passenger sustained severe injuries and passed away an hour after the accident occurred.

The 24-year-old driver of the Oldsmobile was identified as Daivon Parris of Moreno Valley. Investigators stated that drugs or alcohol did not play a part in the crash.

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Drunk Carjacker in Bellevue Tackled By Motorist After Crashing into Multiple Cars

Police have arrested a 32-year-old man after he crashed into seven vehicles and then attempted to carjack cars with occupants still inside. The chaos occurred near SE 38th Street and Factoria Boulevard SE Thursday afternoon.

Officials believe that the suspect was either high or drunk because of his erratic behavior. Witnesses stated that the deranged man got out of his vehicle and tried to open other cars with people still inside. He even attempted to pull people out of their vehicles while punching and kicking cars that were locked.

Other witnesses could he the suspect say that he need to get out of here over and over again. He even told one motorist that he was going to come with him if he didn’t get out of the car.

Two good Samaritans were able to tackle and restrain the 32-year-old man until Bellevue Police arrived. Police transported him to a hospital to be treated for injuries he received and was later booked into jail. Officers also reported that the man is a Lynnwood resident and had been released from jail a day before.

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San Bernardino County Fire Department Responds To Fiery Car Accident

A car accident in Victorville leaves a man injured after he crashed into a disabled car on Nisqualli Road near the intersection of Balsam and 11th Avenue, late Monday evening around 11:30 p.m.

The occupants of the disabled Dodge Neon stopped and got out of the vehicle to see what had gone wrong when they were suddenly hit by a darker sedan. Luckily, all of the Dodge Neons passengers were out of harms way when the collision occurred.

San Bernardino Fire ad Police personnel arrived shortly after received the report of the accident to find witnesses pulling the driver of the dark sedan out of the burning vehicle.

More witnesses stated that other cars had close calls with the darker car since it’s lights weren’t on. The driver of the dark sedan sustained minor injuries and was transported to a local medical center.

Fortunately, everyone involved in the accident did not receive any serious injuries. It’s important to contact the authorities immediately if you witness or are injured in a car accident in San Bernardino. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys in San Bernardino can help you today.

Man’s Leg Severed After Steel Pipe Flew Off Truck in San Bernardino

Police are now investigating a pedestrian accident that took place around 10:00 a.m. in San Bernardino Thursday morning.  According to authorities, 25-year-old Consumers Pipe and Supply employee, Daivd Guerra was driving a flatbed truck north on Tippecanoe when the accident occurred.

The truck was carrying a load of 14-inch pipes when one became airborne and stuck 60-year-old landscaper. The pipe severed the mans leg and was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center.  San Bernardino police stated the the man is in critical condition.

Unfortunatly, the elderly landscaper sccumbed to his injuries and was pronouced dead at the medical center. If you or a family member have been involved/injuried in a San Bernardino County accident and are not sure what to do? Call our dedicated San Bernardino accident attorneys today.

Male Suspect Charged and Arrested for Killing Two-Year-Old Boy

53-year-old San Bernardino resident has been arrested for a hit-and-run crash that killed a 2-year-old boy in San Bernardino early September, California Highway Patrol stated Wednesday.

A family member described the tragedy to authorities; the boy had seen his uncle on the other side of the street and was jetting across to greet him when he was hit by a car. 53-year-old Jose Enrique Vasquez was arrested on suspicion of a felony hit-and-run crash that caused the death of 2-year-old Jonathan Montes, who was hit while he crossed the street in front of his home on September 1st.

California Highway Patrol investigators used video to determine the vehicle involved which was a Toyota Echo, Vasquez was later identified as the alleged driver who drove the vehicle, CHP Officer Brian Alvarez stated at a news conference Wednesday.

He added that Vasquez was driving the vehicle, that was registered to someone else who lived near the area of the San Bernardino crash. Vasquez does not have a California driver license.

It hasn’t been revealed whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. The boy was declared brain dead two days after being hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. The boy sustained a broken neck, brain swelling, bruised kidneys, and fluid was filling the right lung. Vasquez was being held on a $50,000 bail at the West Valley Detention Center.

Authorities revealed the vehicle that struck the boy was traveling about 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. The collision sent the boy airborne, flying 100 feet before he landed on the pavement, according to investigators.

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San Bernardino Car Accident Kills 41-Year-Old Man

San Bernardino Police responded to a fatal car accident that occurred at the intersection of Del Rosa Avenue and Highland Avenue shortly after 10:00 p.m.

According to officials, there were three vehicles involved; a taxi cab, a Chevy Suburban, and a Honda Civic.  The taxicab was waiting for the red light to change at the intersection when it was violently rear-ended by the Chevy Suburban.  The force of the impact sent both cars into the intersection where they crashed into the Honda Civic, who was making a left turn onto Highland Avenue.

25-year-old Honda Civic driver was identified as Gloria Alva, she luckily only sustained minor injuries.  The driver of the taxi was transported to St. Bernadine’s Hospital for moderate injuries he received in the San Bernardino car accident. His passenger, 41-year-old Cesar Figueroa, unfortunately, was pronounced dead at the scene; he suffered severe injuries from the accident.

Police are now searching for the two individuals what were in the Chevy Suburban after they fled the scene on foot and remained at large.

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Seattle Police Department Cracks Down on Major Criminals In West Seattle

Seattle Police is now searching for more than 85 notorious criminals in the West Seattle area.  Police have identified and named all suspects, and now are on the hunt to bring them to justice.  All thanks to the help of local West Seattlites.

“If we can identify those wrongdoers out to commit crime and take things that don’t belong to them, then we can arrest them and have substantial impact on those crime numbers,” said Sean Whitcomb with the Seattle Police Department.

More than twenty-five of the eighty criminals have been arrested, and crime rates have decreased dramatically in some areas. Aggravated assaults have dropped by 30-percent year to date while home burglaries are down 10-percent, and car thefts have decreased by 6-percent.

Even though Seattle Police had surveillance and fingerprints of the criminals, they still depended on information from people of the West Seattle community.

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Truck Crushes Car Killing Driver In Carolina, Virginia

64-year-old Beaverdam resident Gwendolyn Gray tragically lost her life in an accident that took place in Caroline, Virginia Wednesday morning.  The accident occurred off of Lady Smith Road when a truck carrying a heavy load of stumps and debris started to topple and lose control.  The driver 1995 Mack Truck was unable to gain control and proceed to crash on top of Gwendolyn’s 2007 Pontiac.  Authorities closed of Lady Smith Road while emergency crews worked around the clock to remove the debris while investigators looked into what cause the accident.  Gwendolyn was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident; police stated that she was killed on impact.

The driver of the Mack Truck was identified as 50-year-old Gary Hudson.  Apparently speed played a critical factor in the accident as well as the road being well known for accidents.  He was arrested and charged with reckless driving.

It is tragic that Gwendolyn lost her life that day, it is a reminder that accident can occur at anytime, and there’s no way to predict when one is coming.  If you or a family member have been charged with reckless driving or other traffic violation, contact our dedicated Virginia traffic lawyer today.

Three People Injured in Vancouver, WA Accident

A recent head-on collision in Vancouver, WA sent three individuals to the hospital.  The car that the three individuals were driving in was hit head-on by a motorist driving the wrong way on a one-way street according to local police.

The Washington State Patrol said that a newborn child riding in one of the vehicles escaped without injury.

The driver of the vehicle traveling the wrong way attempted to leave the scene but was captured by police officers.  The individual was reported to be a 24-year-old Vancouver man who was not hurt in the crash.

The man was booked in the Clark County Jail and could be charged with drunken driving, eluding police, reckless endangerment, and other charges.

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Heaviest Rainfall Ever Leaves Southern California In Havoc

In Southern California Tuesday Morning, on what appears to be the wettest day of the entire year, drivers are experiencing the frequent caution updates due to several heavy rig crashes throughout the highways.

California Highway Patrol Officer Francisco Villalobos stated there had been an increase in the accidents on local freeways. He added, “There have been multiple spinouts, overturned vehicles, jackknifed trucks and fender benders throughout the South.”

The latest incident was a Fed-Ex rig that jackknifed on the southbound lanes of the California 5 Freeway at the Antelope Valley 14 Freeway. Multiple lanes were closed by the crash, and traffic had been especially heavy on the 5 headed to the  14 Freeway.

Two SigAlerts were issued in the area, one about the Long Beach 710 Freeway where a semi overturned and collided with a vehicle, the driver of the semi later died due to injuries sustained during the crash. You can read more about the accident by clicking here. The other alert was for the northbound lanes at the Glenn Anderson 105 Freeway. There were also several incidents of flooding on the roadway and spinouts, at one point every lane of traffic, north and south, was closed, said CHP.

Another SigAlert was given, one about a big rig truck that jackknifed on the Ronald Reagan 118 Freeway at Hayvenhurst at about 3:15 a.m. and was blocking three lanes, CHP Officer Villalobos said. There were no reports of injuries. A SigAlert was given around 3:30 a.m. However, the roadway wasn’t cleared until 5:35 a.m.

Thanks to data collected by Weather.com. July 18th marked the all-time record of rainfall for the month of July for San Diego, CA. The total rainfall for the month of July surpassed the total combined rainfall of 101 Julys. From July 1914 to July 2014, there has been a total of 1.68 inches of rain, this passing July had a total of 1.70 inches of rain. San Diego shares it’s historical record-breaking rainfall with Los Angeles thanks to the former Hurricane Dolores.

The surreal amount of rainfall is caused for celebration as the North Western States experienced the dryest months of all time, however, the heavy rain has led to multiple bridge collapsions and floods, causing severe and several road accidents due to weather.

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