Is Pressure Washing during Car Detailing Harmful to the Paintwork?

It’s very typical to be cautioned not to use a pressure washer to clean your automobile because it will harm the paintwork. According to one idea, pressured water forces dirt particles into and along the surface of your paintwork, resulting in scratches. The option is to use a hosepipe, but even this takes some pressure to remove dirt and pollutants properly.

While a hosepipe may not generate the same amount of pressure as a machine, it does contain a bigger volume and weight of water. If a pressure washer can damage your paintwork, surely a semi-pressurized hosepipe may inflict equal damage?

The truth is that the only way a pressure washer could damage the paintwork on your automobile is if you used an extremely strong machine and held it too close to the surface, resulting in the paintwork being stripped off the vehicle.

When a pressure washer is used to clean a car, the water does not directly force the dirt particles into the paintwork’s surface; rather, it lifts and encapsulates them by entering behind them, essentially producing a protective barrier of water between the filth particles and the paintwork. Add to this the fact that if you adequately pre-foam your car prior to rinsing (which you should), the dirt particles would have been thoroughly loosened and lifted off the surface by the foam before you ever reach for the pressure washer.

It is entirely safe to clean your automobile with a pressure washer as long as the equipment is acceptable and not excessively powerful and you avoid holding the jet of water too near to the paintwork or driving water into sensitive areas such as window seals or damaged bodywork. Other aspects of the car washing procedure, however, might cause harm to the paintwork, and it is to these areas that greater attention should be paid.

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