West Covina Personal Injury Attorney

West Covina personal injury attorneys

At Guldjian Law, we represent victims who have been injured in auto, truck and motorcycle accidents through no fault of their own in and around West Covina. When another driver is negligent, and their bad driving is the cause of somebody else being seriously injured, the right to fair and reasonable compensation is triggered. If this happened to you or somebody close to you, then you’ll need the services of a qualified and experienced personal injury law firm.

We focus on personal injury law
Here at Guldjian Law, we’ve worked with injury cases involving motor vehicle collisions for many years. We’ve dedicated our practice to quality and personalized legal services to help our clients obtain all of the damages that they’re legally owed. Many of our clients have been left physically, financially and emotionally devastated from accidents that they didn’t cause. With the help of Guldjian Law, they’ve been fully, fairly and satisfactorily compensated for their injuries.

You didn’t cause the crash
We’re dedicated to giving each and every one of our clients respectful, compassionate and courteous representation from the start of their case until our obligation has been discharged. After all, their accidents could have been prevented. They never wanted to be in the positions that they’re in now.

Don’t help the other insurance company
It’s likely that the insurance company on the other side of the case will contact you and want a written or oral statement from you. You’re under no legal obligation to give one, and the insurer will only try to use that statement against you in the future. Once you retain Guldjian Law as your attorneys after an accident, you’ll never be bothered by that insurance company again.

Our mission
The mission of every attorney in our law firm and every member of our staff is to protect and exercise your right to fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries. We hold negligent parties accountable for their acts or omissions. It doesn’t cost you a penny to talk to us after an accident either. You can contact Guldjian Law at 1-800-385-4838 to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, no legal fees are due until we obtain a settlement or verdict for you. Don’t hesitate, contact an experienced West Covina personal injury attorney today.