San Bernardino Car Accident Kills 41-Year-Old Man

San Bernardino Police responded to a fatal car accident that occurred at the intersection of Del Rosa Avenue and Highland Avenue shortly after 10:00 p.m.

According to officials, there were three vehicles involved; a taxi cab, a Chevy Suburban, and a Honda Civic.  The taxicab was waiting for the red light to change at the intersection when it was violently rear-ended by the Chevy Suburban.  The force of the impact sent both cars into the intersection where they crashed into the Honda Civic, who was making a left turn onto Highland Avenue.

25-year-old Honda Civic driver was identified as Gloria Alva, she luckily only sustained minor injuries.  The driver of the taxi was transported to St. Bernadine’s Hospital for moderate injuries he received in the San Bernardino car accident. His passenger, 41-year-old Cesar Figueroa, unfortunately, was pronounced dead at the scene; he suffered severe injuries from the accident.

Police are now searching for the two individuals what were in the Chevy Suburban after they fled the scene on foot and remained at large.

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