Seattle Police Department Cracks Down on Major Criminals In West Seattle

Seattle Police is now searching for more than 85 notorious criminals in the West Seattle area.  Police have identified and named all suspects, and now are on the hunt to bring them to justice.  All thanks to the help of local West Seattlites.

“If we can identify those wrongdoers out to commit crime and take things that don’t belong to them, then we can arrest them and have substantial impact on those crime numbers,” said Sean Whitcomb with the Seattle Police Department.

More than twenty-five of the eighty criminals have been arrested, and crime rates have decreased dramatically in some areas. Aggravated assaults have dropped by 30-percent year to date while home burglaries are down 10-percent, and car thefts have decreased by 6-percent.

Even though Seattle Police had surveillance and fingerprints of the criminals, they still depended on information from people of the West Seattle community.

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