What to do after an accident in Washington State

Unfortunately, accidents happen every day on the roadways of Washington State.  No one anticipates being involved in an accident, but when an accident does happen, it is important to understand what to do.  We are not providing legal advice in this article, just some common sense guidelines that you could consider after being in an accident.

Here are some basic ideas that you should consider:

  1. Obviously, the first thing to do is to seek medical attention for anyone that may be injured.
  2. Most states require that you contact the police if an accident causes a certain amount of damage.  To be safe you should contact the local police to ensure the accident is on record.
  3. Exchange insurance and contact information with any other parties involved in the accident.
  4. Take pictures and or videos of the accident and if possible record interviews with individuals that witnessed the accident.  Most people own smart phones, so put them to use documenting the accident.
  5. Contact an experienced personal injury law firm to discuss the specifics of your accident.

Serious accidents are very traumatic events that can have life changing consequences, so its important that you have a the help of an experienced accident lawyer to help you recover.

Below are some resources where you can find qualified accident lawyers to help you after an accident in Washington: