Trump Furious Over NY Times Report Revealing Dysfunctional Administration

President Donald Trump took to Twitter, his favorite outlet to the public, to lash out against NY Times regarding their reports revealing how dysfunctional the administration is. As typical, “fake news” remains the essential argument Trump uses as he struggles to dismiss the developing stories about the turmoil inside the White House.

Trump’s most recent attack was sent from Air Force One, which was heading to Florida, and referred to a NY Times report that contained the details of embarrassing moments and tensions occurring in the White House.

“The failing @nytimes writes total fiction concerning me. They have gotten it wrong for two years, and now are making up stories & sources!” Trump tweeted early today, refusing to acknowledge that information came directly from the administration’s top advisers.

The White House press secretary Sean Spicer explained Trump’s frustration with reports on the return flight to Washington, D.C. Spicer claimed the NY Times “so-called reporting” is “literally the epitome of fake news.”

Spicer continued the dispute with reporters arguing that the NY Times “unacceptable” report was filled with “blatant factual errors” and requested an apology on behalf of the President.

“From day one, back through the campaign and frankly his time as a successful businessman, always called the shots. He’s the decider,” Spicer stated about President Trump. “He’s the one who develops the policy, he’s the one who makes the decision, and I think there are so many times when you see things that don’t recognize that he is the guy that calls the shots. He develops the policies; he implements the policies, he makes the key decisions.”

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