Heaviest Rainfall Ever Leaves Southern California In Havoc

In Southern California Tuesday Morning, on what appears to be the wettest day of the entire year, drivers are experiencing the frequent caution updates due to several heavy rig crashes throughout the highways.

California Highway Patrol Officer Francisco Villalobos stated there had been an increase in the accidents on local freeways. He added, “There have been multiple spinouts, overturned vehicles, jackknifed trucks and fender benders throughout the South.”

The latest incident was a Fed-Ex rig that jackknifed on the southbound lanes of the California 5 Freeway at the Antelope Valley 14 Freeway. Multiple lanes were closed by the crash, and traffic had been especially heavy on the 5 headed to the  14 Freeway.

Two SigAlerts were issued in the area, one about the Long Beach 710 Freeway where a semi overturned and collided with a vehicle, the driver of the semi later died due to injuries sustained during the crash. You can read more about the accident by clicking here. The other alert was for the northbound lanes at the Glenn Anderson 105 Freeway. There were also several incidents of flooding on the roadway and spinouts, at one point every lane of traffic, north and south, was closed, said CHP.

Another SigAlert was given, one about a big rig truck that jackknifed on the Ronald Reagan 118 Freeway at Hayvenhurst at about 3:15 a.m. and was blocking three lanes, CHP Officer Villalobos said. There were no reports of injuries. A SigAlert was given around 3:30 a.m. However, the roadway wasn’t cleared until 5:35 a.m.

Thanks to data collected by Weather.com. July 18th marked the all-time record of rainfall for the month of July for San Diego, CA. The total rainfall for the month of July surpassed the total combined rainfall of 101 Julys. From July 1914 to July 2014, there has been a total of 1.68 inches of rain, this passing July had a total of 1.70 inches of rain. San Diego shares it’s historical record-breaking rainfall with Los Angeles thanks to the former Hurricane Dolores.

The surreal amount of rainfall is caused for celebration as the North Western States experienced the dryest months of all time, however, the heavy rain has led to multiple bridge collapsions and floods, causing severe and several road accidents due to weather.

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Woman Killed During Hit And Run In Buena Park

In Southern California, an older man was arrested on suspicion of homicide after he killed a woman and injured a man during a hit-and-run crash early Saturday morning near Buena Park, police said.

According to the Buena Park Police Department, the incident was reported at 1:30 a.m. at a Holiday Inn near the 7000 block of Beach Boulevard.

Authorities say 60-year-old Nelson Ward Jr. allegedly ran over a woman and a man with his van before he left the scene. He was found injured a block away from the scene.

Witnesses saw a man exit the van and run from the scene after the crash.

Firefighters found the woman pinned under the vehicle, identified as Jessica Lynn Brown; she was pronounced dead later at the scene, according to police.

The male victim has been identified by police as 51-year-old Robert Shore, he was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police believe the three knew each other, but a motive has not been determined.

The accident is still under investigation.

Hit and Runs compose about 14% of all Fatal and Injury Collisions in Buena Park according to the Office of Traffic Safety. 14% equals to around 15 hit and run crashes, it is relatively low as compared to Los Angeles’ 30% hit and run rate, equalling to 3,277 hit and run crashes. Buena Park’s 1/8 of Los Angeles’ population allows the community to witness fewer fatalities than the much bigger L.A., however, this means when a tragedy does occur it is more likely to happen to someone you know. Having a greater knowledge of the effects of drinking and driving will give you an insight on how influential the depressant has on your brain’s effectiveness. Choosing not to drink and drive means avoiding injury to yourself and others.

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